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Are you looking for corporate team building activity that is different and interactive?

Hour Escape Rooms

At Hour Escape Rooms, we enable businesses to experience this fast growing new corporate team building activity:

  • We have four rooms and our rooms will hold teams between 2 and 20 people.
  • Our competition rooms add a competitive edge to the games and offer a unique experience to play not only to play against the clock but also against your colleagues
  • You have a choice between our games, which offer their own unique team building experiences.
  • Teams have 60 minutes to escape the room and must work together to solve riddles, unravel mysteries and detect clues.

How the Escape Team Building Game will benefit your team?

  • The live escape game environment encourages teams to cooperate with one another and work together towards a common goal.
  • Team members will get to know one another a lot better as they work together to escape the room. ● This team building activity encourages teams to think laterally, and be more creatively whilst working under a time pressure in trying to escape the room.
  • This experience has no age boundaries and allows all different age groups to work together.
  • This is a fun team building game and brings colleagues closer together, and upon completion generates a sense of achievement among teams.

Contact Us

Hour Escape Rooms have already hosted a number of corporate events with teams in excess of 45 people coming through the rooms through the day So whether you are looking for a social event or a corporate a team building day, rebuild team spirit in a social and fun environment, then Hour Escape Rooms can provide the right experience for you. Contact us to learn more.


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