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Stranger Things, Room 1

Transformed back to the 80’s Your team have been requested by Agent Andrea Owens to investigate the rifts, also known as ‘the upside down’ that have been appearing around Hawkins.

Your mission is to try and locate any gaps that may have opened up.

You have 60 minutes to locate a rift and get information you can recover.

Difficulty: Level 3 Star

Time: 60 minutes

Minimum People: 2 Maximum People: 6

Room Booking and Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:30

£20 per person – 10% discount for 6 people

The Black Diamond –  Room 2

The Black Diamond has been stolen from the Peterborough museum and your mission is to retrieve it.  The diamond is believed to be stored at Colonel Francis’ heavily guarded mansion.  It is rumored to be located in his private office that only the Colonel and his trusted head of security have access to.

You are a crack team of thieves who have been hired by the government to retrieve the diamond, you must break into the office without setting off any alarms or alerting the security and make your escape for your reward.  If you fail the Colonel will show no mercy which will mean certain death, and the government will deny all knowledge of the mission.

The next guard is due on his round in 60 mins. Can you escape before he sees you and raises the alarm?

Difficulty: Level 4 Star

Time: 60 minutes

Minimum People: 2 Maximum People: 6

Room Booking and Opening Hours: 10:45 to 21:15

£20 per person – 10% discount for 6 people

Room 3  – Operation: Dead Planet

A recent research team have been classed as missing whilst exploring an alien planet. You are on your way to retrieve the scientific data and locate the missing people. When entering the atmosphere, all electrical equipment failed causing you to crash and your team to be separated. The missing researchers had provided you with information on a powerful energy source within a temple and made you aware of highly aggressive creatures which attack only in darkness. The planet has only one hour of sunlight. You must make your escape off the planet before the creatures awaken.

Difficulty: Level 5 Star

Time: 60 minutes

Minimum People: 4, Maximum People: 10

Room Booking and Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:30

£20 per person – 10% discount for 8 people and over per room

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